Bennett PR

Brittany Bennett

Brittany has been a publicist for over 8 years, leading successful campaigns across a range of industries
spanning health, fitness, lifestyle, food, restaurants, fashion, beauty and sport.

Since founding Bennett PR 18 months ago, she has niched in the health and fitness industry,
specialising in influencer and content marketing.

‘Today we live with an obesity epidemic - we've never been so spoilt for choice in our supermarkets and we're sitting more than we stand every day. Working in an industry based on a wellness model allows me to share the content of experts who have a positive message and who I believe in. I love information and enjoy learning about new ideas, tips and hacks to help to combat the negative side effects caused by the modern lifestyle. There’s nothing better than working with my incredible team and experts who inspire us everyday.

Brittany also has a podcast called ‘The Fit List Radio’ where she interviews leading health and fitness experts
in depth about their various expertise. 




After a successful international career in fashion, Alex has dedicated her creativity to the BennettPR team. On top of her PR skills, Alex is our in-house Stylist, Photographer, resident Florist and the Platter Queen.



With a 7 year career spanning across the media space, Stef has a solid understanding of the media landscape. She also brings to our team a range of tech expertise. Known as our 'Work Husband', she is our go-to for tech and graphic support. 



Cori is equipped with a Masters Degree in Strategic PR and has been practising for 2 years. She joined Bennett PR in 2016 and is the teams 'academic' who is always looking to learn more whether it be through podcasts or various workshops. 



Sophia has been a publicist for 3 years, has a degree in Journalism and has been studying Naturopathy. She has a keen interest in health and wellness and is always on top of the latest studies and trends. 




This is Pika. She may look like a dog but she is so much more. Pika keeps us all in check, lets us know when the post man has arrived and makes our days just that little more special.